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3) 寿 Steamboat SET C

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Serving Size 10-14 Pax

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your family, friends and business partners, with our 寿 SET C which includes:

• JP Wagyu Shabu Shabu (550g)
• Pork Collar (300g)
• Pork Belly (300g)
• Scallop (10pcs)
• Oden Fish Cakes (19pcs)
• King Prawns (12pcs)
• Crab Stick (200g)
• Lobster (200g)
• Abalone (5pcs)
• Sea Cucumber (5pcs)
• Soup Base [Pork Bone and Soy Sauce Nabe] (750g)

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* Items are raw and require cooking
* Weight indicated are approximate measurements before cooking
* 3 days processing time is required
* Delivery is unavailable from 21 to 28 Jan 2020
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