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29) HARU Sushi Set

Best Seller

Serving Size 8-12 Pax

HARU Sushi Set includes:

• Salmon Aburi Maki (8pcs)
• California Maki (8pcs)
• Soft Shell Crab Maki (8pcs)
• Maguro Avocado Maki (8pcs)
• Salmon Maki (6pcs)
• Maguro Maki (6pcs)
• Kappa Maki (12pcs)
• Hokkigai Sushi (2pcs)
• Salmon Sushi (3pcs)
• Hamachi Sushi (4pcs)
• Maguro Sushi (5pcs)
• Ebi Sushi (2pcs)
• Hana Sushi (4pcs)
• lkura Sushi (2pcs)

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* 3 days processing time is required